Wood sourced from the fires in the Bolivian Chiquitanía that devastated the country in August and September of 2019 and have become the worst environmental catastrophe in the history of Bolivia. The word "Duelo" has multiple meanings in Spanish, defined by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy as a confrontation between two people or groups and, also, as pain, grief, sorrow, mourning. Formally, this installation is located in the space between these two meanings, symbolic of the experience of combat and pain and the confrontation between the native population in the affected area and the national government that never assumed responsibility. Additionally, it is a natural and necessary reaction to a great loss and represents the process of mourning. This catastrophe, along with the government’s (the MAS Party led by Evo Morales) 70 year deal with Germany’s privately-owned ACI Systems to develop the Bolivian Uyuni salt flat and build a lithium hydroxide plant, led to massive protests and eventual overthrow of Morales’ government. An accompanying essay film is in production, it will oscillate between the documentary and the essay, reflecting on the mystical landscape and man's intervention in its destruction.


Installation with wood, dirt, and wood chairs, variable dimensions at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santa Cruz for XXI Bienal Internacional de Arte de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 2020